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What is included in the basic free updates?

This is what we call our fair-go policy. If your require the occasional modification or update such as image, pre-written text to add, address and phone number updates or a small design modifications.

Simply contact us and we’ll make the modifications for you, at no cost.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an unlimited amount of time and resources, if there are substantial changes required or updates required weekly we will need to charge for these.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. Simply contact us and we’ll cancel your account. Easy.

What if I have no logo yet?

We will give our best attempt to design one for you at an additional cost. If your not happy, then no charge and you may get one professionally designed.

How can we offer such great value?

We have a very streamlined process in place to save time in developing your site. We build re-usable modules which can be customised and re-used as required. This allows us to save time and keeps costs down for the customer. The end result is quality customised cheap affordable websites that don’t set you back thousands of dollars.

Is my website mine?

Yes. We won’t lock you into any contracts. Your website is yours and we will extract the backup for you to do with as you please.

How long will my website build take?

Your website should be live within 2-3 weeks.

What if I have no images to use?

We can use stock images throughout your site. We’ll do our best to find royalty free for use images, but also offer some payed quality stock options as well.

We can also visually enhance any photos you have taken for inclusion on your website.

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